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7000 Michael Canlis Blvd.
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San Joaquin Sheriff's Office Logo

(209) 468-4400

7000 Michael Canlis Blvd.
French Camp, CA 95231

Investigations Division

About The Division

The Sheriff’s Investigations Division staff includes Criminal Investigators and Crime Scene Evidence Technicians. These Detectives conduct criminal investigations that are often lengthy and require specialized training and experience in the areas of Child Abuse and Sexual Assault, Homicide, Kidnapping, Narcotics, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Burglary, Fraud, Grand Theft, and other crimes. Evidence Technicians support investigators by photographing, collecting, and storing evidence from crime scenes, performing fingerprint identification, and processing applicants for various public agencies.

The Investigations Division is managed by a Captain and Administrative Lieutenant. The investigative staff includes 3 Sergeants, 18 Detective Investigators, 1 High Tech Crime Investigator, and 3 Rural Crime Investigators organized into the following five units: Crimes Against Persons, Child Abuse and Sexual Assault, Crimes Against Property, and Cold Case. The Technical Services staff includes an Evidence Technician III Supervisor and 13 Evidence Technicians II.

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Acting Captain Linda Jimenez


Division Commander

Units and Teams

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Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Unit

The CASA unit is responsible for child abuse, sexual assault, elder physical abuse, missing children, and the monitoring of sex registrants. Investigators assigned to this unit receive specialized training in sexual assault, child abuse, and missing persons investigations.

Persons Unit

The Persons Unit’s responsibility is to investigate crimes against persons such as robbery, kidnapping, murder, assaults, rape, juvenile crime, and any other crime against persons. The Persons Unit has investigators who have specialized training in the investigation of homicide cases and also on location for gathering and processing evidence at crime scenes.

Property Crimes Unit

The Property unit is made up of investigators who investigate crimes against property such as burglary, documents, theft, embezzlement, bad checks, and any other crimes against property. The unit has specially trained investigators. The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office investigates all property crimes that occur in the unincorporated areas of San Joaquin County.

If you are a victim of burglary or a property-related crime, investigative services attempt to respond with patrol. The documentation process may include photographs, a check for latent prints, and a written narrative regarding the condition of the crime scene. While this is an important process, there are other factors even more important in the probability of your case being solved. It has been our experience that most cases are solved through the tracking of property (serial numbers), word of mouth, and citizen observations.

Technical Services Unit

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office provides fingerprint registration via liveScan technology. The LiveScan operator will enter information from the submission form and captu4re the fingerprint images. The captured information is immediately transmitted to the Department Of Justice (DOJ).  When an applicant wishes to use the Live Scan services, he or she will need to provide a current and valid driver’s license or California Identification Card. The applicant must also produce a Request for LiveScan Service form that should be provided by the employing agency. If your agency has a large group that they need to send for Live Scan, they should call ahead of time to make arrangements. Please call (209) 468-4459 for any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Fingerprinting Fees:

DOJ & FBI: Amount varies depending on the level of service.
Sheriff Office Charge: $40 rolling fee
Fingerprint Impression Fee: $30 per card

Fees are payable by cash, check money order, visa, or debit card. Make check payable to San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office.

Cold Case Unit

The Cold Case Investigations Unit is responsible for all Sheriff’s Office cold unsolved homicides and missing persons. Our team is actively investigating numerous cases. If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook or send us an email at